Fabi Rodriguez is a University of Georgia alum and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys running, playing soccer, and values spending quality time with family. She has a strong passion for fitness & wellness that developed after struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits. After losing and gaining the same weight repeatedly in a never ending cycle, Fabi decided to leave the the fad diets and counterproductive workouts behind. She educated herself on what it means to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Now, she wants to help others achieve their goals- whether they’re pushing performance goals to new heights or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Her personal philosophy is “get up, get moving”, believing that humans were designed to move. When we give up on moving our bodies, our bodies start to give up on us. Fabi believes that exercise, nutrition, mental and spiritual health all work together for the success of the individual. Making each routine fun & challenging for clients is key. This will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are!”