Fitness is my life. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 14 years and former Division 1 Track and Field Athlete. In my path I’ve learned so much along the way with helping become the best versions of themselves. Above all I have found that the key to you reaching your goals is your enthusiastic commitment to yourself! Seeing yourself achieve all of your goals is the life force to your fitness dreams coming true. I help people shape their bodies and minds through the art of movement and fitness and realize their own commitment met with Enthusiasm.

Currently I am certified through ISSA and I have held many certifications ranging from track and field to nutrition coaching.
I bring passion, focus, light, and invigorating determination to help you reach your goals to the table. In my path I have coached Youth and Collegiate Athletes, Trained Professional Athletes, Rehab Training and all fitness and health goals to gain muscle, lose fat, lose weight and transform their minds and bodies.

Your journey is just that. It’s yours so live it out loud full of passion.
~Jtiggsinspires ~