Marie’s fitness journey started after graduating from the University of Southern California when she began her professional career as an actress. After realizing how easy it was for her to keep on the freshmen 20 but how important it was to stay in shape as a performer, she began working out and boxing as often as she could. This new regimen really solidified itself when she found a steady, like-minded group of people and her own trainers who helped her to understand what would bring quicker and longer lasting change. She has been boxing, running and training consistently for the last 5 years.

Marie recalls dozens of times people seeing her at a party or on set with a plate of food (most of the time sweets which she loves) and exclaiming “how lucky you are to be able to eat whatever you want and look like that!” Usually this was answered with an “Ummm… no, I promise, this is not in the genes. Working out is part of my regular routine and I eat healthy enough to enjoy myself when the occasion calls for it!” Eventually, Marie realized this type of discipline is not easy, but she could share some of her best practices and inspiration with others. In 2017 she took the next important step of making sure her “You-can-do-it!” inspiration came with the proper education, so she became a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer .

Marie’s goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals with honesty, perseverance and accountability. She believes life is now unfortunately set up for us to do more, connect with others less and put our own well-being behind that of our career, social and even relational goals when it should all be connected by a common value of presenting our best and “living life to the full” (John 10:10). If you’re looking for a fresh start, a structured approach and a positive coach who can help you along the way, Marie is the cheerleader for you!