My name is Oyah Kheperu. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Nutrition coach and a lifelong athlete. After a graduating from college with a B.S in Biology, I faced the common struggle of not obtaining a career job right away. From there on I began to lose focus on my goals and my actions/ behaviors led me to one of the most life altering situations. During this time exercise was one of the greatest stress relievers and I began to incorporate exercise into my daily regimen. Through my journey of fitness, I discovered a passion to guide others to start, improve and progress through their individual journey as well.

Fast forwarding to a few years later, I have built a business around it so I could do it everyday. I am here to with a vision to educate, motivate, guide encourage, inspire and lead by example for each person I work with and has the same struggles I had. Helping others help me stay strong! My goal is not to make you feel like you need improvement but to offer guidance and the tools if you want to make change. My expertise will not only help you reach your fitness goals but will boost your confidence and promote long term health while educating you so that you are prepared to pursue your fitness goals when you are ready.