We Help You Reboot Your Body & Make Fitness Fun Again to Look, Feel, & Move Better

Here’s what you get with
Fall Fat Fix Slim Down:

• 3x/week Training with a Professional Coach at our Private Facility
• Nutrition Coaching from an On-Staff Master Nutritionist
• Fitness Education, So You Always Understand the ‘Why’

Now, imagine yourself in just a a few weeks…

You look in the mirror and you are proud & confident…

• Proud of how you look AND feel…
• Confident that you can enjoy all your favorite activities outside the gym
• Proud of all your hard work…
• Confident that you’ve finally found the program to make this a lifestyle change…

But every long term change starts with a single decision, so take action today:

Are you frustrated with that extra weight slowly creeping onto your waistline year after year?

You’ve probably tried to lose weight on your own, but with all your other responsibilities, you’ve struggled to find the time and motivation to consistently workout and eat right.

But don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

You see, I’ve worked with hundreds of busy parents, professionals, and weekend warriors who struggled with not having enough time to workout, until they discovered our formula to lose weight and feel fit, strong, and confident again.

With fifteen years of coaching experience, I’ve learned how to constantly test and tweak my training methods to find the best formula for my busy clients to transform their bodies and feel fit, strong, and confident again.

And now, after years of experimenting, I think I’ve finally put together the perfect combination of training and accountability for busy parents and professionals.

I call this the FALL FAT FIX SLIM DOWN.

With the FALL FAT FIX SLIM DOWN you will:
• Lose inches around the hips, waist, & thighs
• Lose weight/body fat
• Tighten & tone your stomach & arms
• Extend the length and quality of your life
• Improve flexibility & mobility
• Be accountable to professional coaches
• Feel 10 years younger

But don’t take my word for it, check out some of our success stories below.

To Your Success,
-Jude Jean-Marie
House of Health
5037 Peachtree Rd Atlanta
GA 30341

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories

“Get off the couch and do yourself a favor and pay Matt a visit at Energy Fitness. You know you’re not as disciplined with your big box gym membership or your home workout. You’ll skip a session (or two) because no one is holding you accountable. I’ve seen the problem with my colleagues and I’ve experienced the same. You not only need someone to keep you consistent, but someone who understands movement, anatomy, and kinematics.

I approached Matt after developing an overuse issue with a prior trainer. I specifically wanted to focus on flexibility, posture, core strength, and functional fitness to keep me active playing (and walking) the golf course while keeping the typical aches and pains of a desk job at bay. I’m on my sixth session and haven’t performed the same routine twice. Each one is new, different, and challenging, but not to the point of frustration. You simply can’t get bored. I’m already seeing improvements in the areas we’re focused on and am excited about working out again. I can’t recommend Matt enough. Go see him!”

– Henry Hagan

Here’s What You Can Expect with the 30-Day Summer Body Reboot

Lose Weight & Body Fat

You will lose weight and belly fat to feel fit & confident again.

Build Strength

You will build strength to move pain-free & feel better all day long.

Improve Energy

You will reignite your fire and feel ten years younger again to conquer all your favorite activities.

Get Measurable & Tangible Results

You will have a professional coach measuring and guiding your progress, so you won’t have to just hop on the treadmill and hope.

Join a Supportive Community

You will join a supportive community of parents and professionals led by elite professional coaches.

Take Control of Your Eating Habits

You will develop healthy eating habits to stop crash dieting and start making sustainable lifestyle choices.


    • 3x/week Training with a Professional Coach at our Private Facility
    • Nutrition Coaching from an On-Staff Master Nutritionist
    • Fitness Education, So You Always Understand the ‘Why’