1. Are You Losing Weight or Body Fat?

    Everyone has an opinion about weight loss, after all, the industry is inundated with articles providing the top tips to lose weight or the best diet to shed pounds, and quickly! In the fitness space, there is a lot of great information and equally as good personal trainers, but then, there is also information and people who seemed to have totally missed the point! So, the next natural question is,…Read More

  2. Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

    It’s cold and flu season and it’s hitting pretty hard. If you’re training at a gym or working with a personal trainer, don’t think twice about wiping the equipment down to prevent germs from spreading! But what happens if you do get sick? Is it wise to continue training, or should you wait it out? To train or not to train If you’ve been crushing it in the gym or seeing awesome results wi…Read More

  3. A New Year’s Revolution

    It’s mid-January, where are you with your New Year’s resolution? Did you make one? Do you have a goal in mind to decrease your body fat percentage? An interesting concept over New Year’s resolutions has made it to social media platforms as a hashtag, #newyearsameme. So why is this important in the New Year’s resolution narrative? It’s important to explore because oftentimes around the ne…Read More